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Mentoring Projects, Sushil Handa, The Fifth Veda Entrepreneurs
Mentoring Projects - Sushil Handa - The Fifth Veda Entrepreneurs
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Over and above his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, Sushil Handa has many other facets to his personality, including that of being...

A mentor to young people and children

A scholar/life long learner

An institution builder

These facets manifest in the form of projects and initiatives that he mentors personally as well as through the platform of The FifthVeda Entrepreneurs. Some key initiatives that Sushil Handa currently mentors include...
A volunteer movement in 30 cities of India, with over 60,000 volunteers who are helping 80 NGOs. The organization provides young people an opportunity to volunteer and make a positive difference through platforms such as education of street children, and random acts of kindness.
  YUVA Unstoppable - Mentoring Projects - Sushil Handa
The FifthVeda Entrepreneurs supports the organization's activities in multiple ways, and Sushil Handa continues to be a mentor, inspiring force, and sounding board for the young Yuva-ites.

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A diversified company focused on building innovative products with high social impact by engaging Students, Industry Professionals, Educationists and Experts. Point10 recently launched Entrepreneurs 10 - its forum for young entrepreneurs - which was inaugurated by Sushil Handa in the presence of leading and aspiring young entrepreneurs.

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  Point 10 Solutions - Mentoring Projects - Sushil Handa
A not-for-profit institution established with an objective of motivating young people towards accomplishment. The guiding philosophy of Poiesis is to be instrumental in nation and society building, by developing young children and youth into powerful future citizens. Besides supporting the foundation, Sushil Handa continues to be an inspiring force for the children who come there, interacting with them on a regular basis and sharing his insights on becoming an achiever.

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  Poiesis Foundation - Mentoring Proijects - Sushil Handa