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Abundance Series by Mr. Sushil Handa
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Abundance Series by Sushil Handa
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In this series titled “Abundance - live your full potential” Sushil Handa share with young people his experiences and learning for creating success stories.

"I often wonder why some young people make it so big in Life, while so many others, with seemingly equal potential and opportunity, lose out on the race. Some time ago, I came across an article titled "Feng Shui, Kaizan and Zen Abundance" in the "Speaking Tree" column of Times of India, and the answer, as I have always believed it to be, lies in the way we choose to live our Lives.

I hope these thoughts will help many of you chart out your personal course of success and achievement, ultimately leading to excitement happiness and fulfilment."

With best wishes,

Sushil Handa
The 5 Principles of Abundance

Every human being has 9 aspirational points, namely, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Fame, Children's Growth, Helpful Friends, Career Growth, Knowledge and Blessings...
5 Principles of Abundance